We believe that the Quest 2 is easily one of the best gaming platforms currently available, that finally does things for VR most have been waiting for, allowing you to play games both standalone wirelessly, and stream all major PC VR games via Link or Virtual Desktop.

Link was something we recommended in our review, as VD wasn’t as smooth most of the time, with stuttering and odd object tracking in most games. Unless of course, you splurged for a top of the line gaming router. Sadly, not everyone has that capacity or flexibility with their Internet Provider. We did however, find the Link lacking in visual quality comparitively due to its Beta nature.

Fortunately thoug, the Oculus Link service is about to get even better as it has just come out of beta, bringing with it the much sought after 90 Hz support with improved performance. The next time you connect your Quest 2 to your Oculus App, you will notice that you can now set the graphical mode as well, allowing you to select between:

Automatic: The system picks the best graphical settings for you based on your PC
Prioritize Quality: The system gives preference to better visual over performance
Prioritize Performance: The system gives preference to better performance over visual quality
Balanced: A balance of both Quality and Performance

Oculus Link Update: Quest 2 Visuals Can Rival PC Headsets

Whilst Automatic might be the setting most people go with, Oculus has mentioned that people with a less powerful PC might see the Automatic system set some aggressive values, in which case it is best to select Performance mode.

To get 90Hz and the full benefits of the v1.0 release of Oculus, you will need to update your headset to v23. This update is currently going out for users, and not everyone has gotten it yet. We checked it this morning and have yet to get the update available for us.

To check out the full release features as well as other updates, be sure to read Oculus’ full Blog Post. The update will also feature a fitness tracker!

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