Originally planned to release at the end of this year, Rockfish Games has made the tough decision to postpone Everspace 2’s Early Access till January next year.

Cyberpunk 2077 was mentioned as the reason for the delay, which is predicted to be a goliath release, and is sure to be a media darling with a lot of coverage the entire month. Sadly, this will steal the limelight from more smaller projects, so the delay makes sense.

“Porting the original EVERSPACE to last-gen consoles was quite a challenge for us back in the day, so we can only imagine what a challenge it must be to bring a massive title like Cyberpunk 2077 to Xbox One and PlayStation 4, unfortunately, this is also a major blow for any other game that was scheduled during that week. We know from our community that there is quite an audience overlap between the two titles, so we decided to get out of the way and push back our release to January.

We are aware that EVERSPACE 2 fans will be unhappy, but competing with the arguably most anticipated video game in history is just not a good idea. To give this a positive spin, we’ve decided to send out pre-release keys with closed Beta access to all eligible Kickstarter backers on November 2nd, so they will be able to play the first 10ish hours of EVERSPACE 2 a month earlier. Furthermore, we also plan to give away 200 additional Beta pre-release keys good for the closed beta only through media partners and our weekly community streams to ease the pain for a few lucky space pilots.”

Michael Schade, CEO & co-founder of ROCKFISH Games

Everspace 2 is the sequel to the highly fun rogue-like flight looter-shooter, that aims to improve on the best mechanics of the first, and introduce some fun new ones. The early access period will allow developer Rockfish Games to gather useful feedback from players, which will help make the game better.

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