Initially delayed due to Cyberpunk2077, Rockfish Games have just announced that their RPG space shooter will be coming to Steam’s Early Access program as well as GOG In-Development program in just a few weeks time.

Priced at €37.99 / $39.99 / £31.99, the game will launch in English with professional voice acting for the first 12+ hours of the story campaign and several side missions which take place in the first two star systems of the final game.

The initial version will be good for at least 25 hours of gameplay, while introducing pilots to EVERSPACE 2’s core gameplay mechanics of space combat, exploration, mining, puzzle solving, traveling, trading, itemization, crafting, ship customization, player and companion perks as well as five different player ship subclasses.

The game is expected to get a price increase when it fully launches, giving players an opportunity to not only save money by buying in early, but also help shape the final game. It will be available for Early Access on the 18th of January, whilst the full release is planned for sometimes in early 2022.

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