In a move that no one saw coming, Microsoft will be acquiring the goliath known as Activision, at a deal said to be centring around the whopping $70 billion mark, which makes sense considering that Activision’s market cap is 50 billion.

This of course means all their heavy hitters like Call of Duty, Overwatch, Diablo and more will now be making their way onto Gamepass eventually, giving more players around the world games at an accessible cost, which is honestly an exciting thing.

The sad news is that Bobby Kotick is still being poised as the CEO going forward, but hopefully, once the deal goes through, he will be bought out and kicked away. Here’s hoping this means a resurgence of some amazing IPs like Prototype, Singularity, etc… being held hostage by Activision for the sake of COD.

Be sure to read the full blogpost that broke the news here.

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