Capcom has finally revealed the release date for Resident Evil Village and announced some interesting updates that is sure to get fans excited.

There were quite a few rumors circulating online that Resident Evil Village would only be coming to the next gen consoles due to supposed development issues with the old gen version. However, this was disproven as not only will the game be releasing for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One, but will also come with a free upgrade to the next gen copies for anyone who owns them.

Some unique editions were also announced, most interesting of which is the collector’s edition that includes an artbook, poster, Chris Redfield figure, steelbook as well as DLC codes for extra content. Those who have missed out on Resident Evil VII will also be able to buy a bundle that includes both games, with VII available immediately to play.

Resident Evil: Village takes place after the events of 7, with Ethan and Mia having escaped the horrors of the Baker family. However, things take a dark turn when Chris Redfield once again enters their life, turning their world upside down.

As series first, Village will introduce brand new monster archetypes, including vampires and werewolves, putting a fresh spin on the classic survival horror series. The game will be available on the 7th of May, this year and those that pre-order digitally will get the mini soundtrack on release.

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