The Game Awards is almost upon us, debuting at midnight GMT, celebrating both videogames and their creators. For a limited time, TGA will be hosting game festivals, one of which will be on Steam.

The Steam Game Awards festival is particularly noteworthy as it includes a demo for Little Nightmares 2, letting players get a taste of the highly anticipated game. Not only that, but several other games are also available:

  • Little Nightmares 2 (Bandai Namco, Steam)
  • Graven (3D Realms, Steam, GeForce NOW)
  • Echo Generation (Cococucumber, Steam/Xbox)
  • Song Of Iron (Escape, Steam/Xbox, GeForce NOW)
  • Olija (Devolver, Steam, GeForce NOW)
  • Disc Room (Devolver, Steam, GeForce NOW)
  • Guinea Pig Parlor (Jeff Mumm, Steam, GeForce NOW)
  • Anno (Lightning Games, Steam)
  • Ami (Lighthouse Studio, Steam, GeForce NOW)
  • Selfloss (Alex Goodwin, Steam, GeForce NOW)
  • A Juggler’s Tale (Mixtvision, Steam, GeForce NOW)

More games will join the festival, and will be announced at either The Game Awards itself or the upcoming days. A game awards sale will also be live on Steam, giving discounts on nominated games. You can also try out the demos with GeForce Now!

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