In Death: Unchained is one game we absolutely loved whilst trying out our Quest 2 headset, and had some great things to say about it in our platform review. So, it’s an absolute welcome news that we are getting more content for the game, not to mention, for free!

Released with a new updated, Siege of Heaven is a gate defense mode focused on skillful shooting, and comes with 3 new maps, 50+ new achievements and new leaderboards. It also  balances the main loop’s long session lengths with the mode’s shorter 15 minute playthrough times, with an opportunity to storm the new leaderboards that reward new skills.

The developers have also taken care to make the new mode accessible to even casual players, giving both experienced and new Unchained players a good experience.

We know the main game can be seen as scary and hard. With this new mode we focused on what everyone loves – the shooting among the beautiful floating worlds. Existing players will get challenged, but everyone can now hand the headset to your friends and family so they can enjoy it too. We’re hoping to make Unchained a must-have Quest title – whether you’re a serious player or a casual enthusiast looking to try some of the best their headset can do” 

Wojtek Podgórski, SUPERBRIGHT’S CEO

As you can see from the quote they want to make the game a must have VR title, but we honestly believe it’s already an essential experience on the Quest 2, something that new users should totally get.

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