If you have read our Quest 2 review recently, you know that we were very excited about In Death Unchained and were impressed with the visual upgrades we got to try out with Quest 2. These upgrades should now be available for everyone.

To sum it up, these are the changes you can expect from the game after it has been updated:

·         Whole world at once, with improvements in performance and quality
The game now loads and displays the whole world at once so the players can see far into the distance, enjoy heavenly vistas and get a better sense of direction in the game. 

·         New atmospheric fog
Built from the ground up to deliver the heavenly look of In Death: Unchained, the update brings a newvolumetric, multi-layered custom fogthat spans the whole world.

·         Additional level pieces
The game’s world includes additional floating islands that help fill out the world outside of the play areas

·         Sharper visuals (Fixed Foveated Rendering is turned OFF on Quest 2)
Combining the game’s optimizations and Quest 2’s power, the update turns off fixed foveated rendering and the output is super crisp on Quest 2. 

·         New cloud shadows
The game adds a subtle cloud shadow effect to the whole level, adding to the heavenly look.

·         Updated snow shader
The snow shader on the boulders that support the buildings has been updated.

·         Updated texture filtering
Texture LOD’s/mipmaps are tuned for more quality on Quest 2, combined with the FFOV OFF increasing the overall quality to make the game look sharper.

·         Overall comfort
The game feels smoother, especially in big fights, thanks to the increased CPU power and game optimizations.

Above you can see some images of the changes as well, showing you the extent of the upgrades. The developers have also promised free DLCs which will be releasing sometime mid-November.

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