EDIT: Just as we posted this article, the GOG version of Silent Hill has indeed gone live! You can buy it here. Original news as follows:

Before we delve any deeper, do remember that this is still early speculation. However, it’s one that follows the same trend seen with Metal Gear Solid and its sequel which were recently released on GOG.

Several people have found that Silent Hill 4 has just been rated on the Pegi website for PC, with a strong 18 label. Whilst something like this might be easily overlooked, ratings like these are mostly done to authorise something for release, or a re-release in this case.

Whilst through a different medium, as mentioned before, the two MGS games were also rated on a Taiwanese censorship board, which eventually led to them coming out on GOG. Hopefully this will be a similar case for this series, and will allow us to acquire the classic Silent Hill games more reasonably.

Whilst there are those who are stating that Silent Hill 2 and 3 might not get the same treatment since Konami has lost their source code, I don’t believe that is an end-all case. it’s just that they might take a lot more time than 4, but only if Konami improves their attitude towards the iconic series.

Silent Hill 4 was a unique departure for the series, putting emphasis more on the supernatural elements of the games, and trapping players in the now iconic apartment, with Henry Townshend. The mainline series has been frustratingly MIA for almost a decade now, with rumours of a remake igniting sparks of hope every other week.

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