Gamepass is easily one of the best deals, not only letting players experience some of the most exciting games for an enticing price but also opening these experiences for a lot of people who might not usually be able to afford too many games each month.

It is about to get even better with the new additions coming this month to both PC and Xbox, including Doom Eternal, which alone costs £54.99 on the Microsoft Store at the moment. Not to mention, because of the recent Zenimax purchase, this is one title that won’t be going away anytime soon.

Xbox Game Pass Coming Soon October 2020

PC players will sadly have to wait a bit longer for Doom Eternal however, as the game won’t be available on our beloved platform until later this year. We assume it has something to do with the game being brought over to Microsoft’s platform from the temperamental Bethesda Launcher and Steam.

Do not fret, however, as PC gamers will finally be getting Drake Hollow on release, as well as Forza Motorsport 7 and ikenfell. Be sure to check out the official announcement for all games and details.

In case you have forgotten, EA Gamepass will soon be getting the EA Play service included at no extra cost, bringing over an expensive catalogue of EA games.

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