The Rewinder is a unique looking adventure game that features elements of classic Chinese mythology. The game centres around a protagonist who is investigating the tragic history of an almost abandoned village. What makes him unique, however, is that he can traverse between worlds, effectively allowing him to go back and forth in time.

It looks to be a puzzle-oriented affair with a striking art style influenced by Chinese paintings and its mythology. Due to the time travel elements, players will be provided with an exciting challenge where making changes in the past informs the future. Not only that, but throughout their journey, players will come across several legendary Asuras (Spirits and Monsters) that they can help. Be warned though, as not all Asuras are friendly.

The Rewinder is scheduled for early 2021 and is currently listed on Steam where players can add it to their wishlists. More interestingly, a demo is also available so players can try out the game for themselves. It is currently in development by the China-based Misty Mountain Studio.

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