GAME UK is just about to go live with its UK pre-orders for the next generation of Xbox at the time of this article. However, if like me you have decided to login to GAME this morning, you will notice that there is currently a huge queue before you can login. You might even notice the site not loading as well due to the demand.

This is most definitely due to the pre-orders of Xbox consoles going live, which means that whilst it might be a bit of a wait for quite a few people, it should hopefully give people who have been waiting an equal chance to grab an Xbox, especially as they allow 60 minutes for you to check out your order.

Unlike Sony’s pre-orders which went live unexpectedly, with stores offering them as early as 1 am in the UK, many were left disappointed without an order. Sony did apologise for the unreliable pre-orders, however, it is believed that this did have an upside since fewer bots were able to scavenge a Playstation.

Smyths, Amazon, Currys and more are also reportedly supposed to be selling the console, which was supposed to go live at 8 am BST. However, we have just noticed that there is also a long wait time if you go on the Xbox Pre-Order page on Currys as well. However, you can sign up with an email if you want to be notified when you are able to make a purchase.

Edit #1 – Amazon is already out of stock

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