The upcoming Point and Click adventure game, Plot of the Druid will be getting a demo very soon, letting players play the prologue completely free on Steam, when it launches on the 15th of October.

The prologue will feature over an hour of content with tons of jokes, throwback easter eggs to the classic point and click games, as well as localisation support for 6 different languages, making it a substantial tease for the full game.

The game is inspired by magical fantasy books such as Harry Potter, giving players control of a student as he gets himself into outrageous situations! And what better remedy for something like that, then turning into a ferocious animal. That’s right, the game will let you turn into different animals, something that will be available in the demo in order to get out of sticky situations whilst trying to finish school

Whilst the demo will release now, it is worth noting that the final release as per Steam, is planned for 2022, meaning that it might be a bit of wait until the game is actually out! It is being made by classic point and click fanatics, Adventure4Life

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