Welcome to As We Play! So, what is “As We Play” about, you might be wondering? In simple terms, we are a primarily a gaming news media website where we post the latest news and articles, all related to videogames with equal focus on indie games.

We have been in the press business for over 7 years now, where we have contributed to various websites, ranging from those talking about videogames to their music. Currently our lead writer also collaborates with Push Start Play, another website you should definitely be following, and is also working on a highly anticipated triple A game.

And now you must be wondering, “… but, hang on, there are tons of other news sites, why should I be here?”. Well, for a couple of reasons! Here are our 4 pillars:

01. Information Through Convenience

“As We Play” is not only the title of our website, but also our strength, where you can quickly browse through news even in between play sessions

We will continuously aim to make the website as convenient as possible, giving you news in as less clicks and time as possible.

This means that you won’t see an excessive number of categories littering or dividing the front page in the beginning, and all news will be available sequentially. It is even quicker when you filter for the news you want by the categories on the top menu.

However, this does not mean that we will be skimming out on the actual posts! In fact, our posts will always aim to give you the best information, including stuff like the platforms a game will release for and date (if confirmed) on each article, preventing you from having to search for yourself.

02. Developer Insight

As we have mentioned, other than a writer, the Editor in Chief of the site is also an actual videogame developer working on a highly anticipated Triple-A game.

This gives us a unique insight into the landscape of videogames and their development, making this one of the few websites to be run by people actually in the industry. What this means is that you will get knowledgeable insights into news and get in-depth analysis of videogames with reviews.

Developers can also rest assured knowing that we understand the complexity of game development, and as such will always be fair with our coverage!

3. Positivity at the Core

Despite our writer or developer accolades, we are first and foremost gamers!

This means that we appreciate not only games, but people and companies who make them. As such, this website will always be upbeat at its core and will value constructive criticism over controversy.

We are not here to feed off controversy for clicks, but are here to remind you how amazing videogames are and to celebrate them.

This also means we will not tolerate jerks or people who only want to spread negativity about everything, we have enough dark pockets around the internet for that.

4. A Place for Everyone

For us, all games matter, whether it be singleplayer, multiplayer, the biggest blockbuster or the smallest indie. If it looks good, it deserves to be in the limelight.

We are also going to be one of the only websites with a dedicated “Adventure” section on our website, which groups together news of games that don’t have a lot of action in it, and is more accessible to various players.

We have seen that it’s hard to find games like those due to the limelight shining consistently on big blockbusters. As such, for the more pacifist or adventure players, we believe this will help a lot!

Not to mention, you might notice for this reason that we aim to give more importance to coverage of indie games, as we feel they deserve a better spotlight. But, this does not mean that we won’t cover bigger games and they will be just as celebrated!

Still, this of course comes back to our 1st pillar, where we won’t divide the front page and all news will equally get featured for now, but you will have choice in what you want to see with the categories at the top.

As you can imagine we are still a relatively new website, which means that in the beginning we might not be able to pump out as many reviews or articles as we hope, mainly as we will have to create connections with PR managers of different games. However, rest assured we will continue to provide the latest news to the best of our abilities.

Reviews will be written from time to time, but mostly of games that we enjoy so much that we can’t wait to tell you about! So most likely, if you see a game show up for review on our website, it probably means that we really like it. Unless we want to warn you away from something.

Most of our reviews will be for indie games, with occasional ones for the big blockbusters. However, for most of my reviews for major games and their general coverage, you should totally head to Push Start Play, who we will definitely work hand-in-hand with to deliver you all the best gaming news and more!

You will notice that there are some articles already written on the website, so you can start reading and get a feel for our style, but as a heads up, these were only to test the website before launch!

Thank you so much for joining us, and we hope you will stay with us as we slowly and surely turn this into one of the best and most comfortable gaming websites around where everyone, except jerks are welcome!

If you have any suggestions as to what you would like to see from this website, what kind of posts or coverage, please let us know. If you are a PR rep for studios, or an indie developer who would like to share news or previews with us, please drop us a message via our Twitter DM or get in touch via our Contact Page.

It really doesn’t matter if you don’t have the best press release, or if this is your first foray into game development and are unsure of how to approach us. We will help you out to the best of our abilities!

Also for your information, we are UK based currently, which means that a lot of updates might be during BST popular times! Be sure to follow us on Twitter for all the latest updates and news! We are glad you are onboard!

Of course, as today is the launch day, we definitely want to give away a little something to commemorate this occasion. We will be giving away two games! Marvel’s Avengers and Beyond a Steel Sky! So follow the instructions below, and we will reveal the winners on the 22nd of September and contact them via email.

However, do read the rules below to be successful in winning your copy, good luck!

  • You must hold a valid Steam Account
  • Valid Email must be provided for Rafflecopter login as we need it to contact winners. It won’t be used for anything else, and all copies of the emails will be deleted once the giveaway has finished.
  • You must be open to accepting a friend request, as the games will be gifted via steam
  • To make it fair, in the rare chance one person wins draw for both, they will only be able to choose one.
  • The Emailed winner must reply to us in 48 hours or another winner will be drawn
  • Click on the images below to access the giveaway page

Edit: The winners have now been announced!

Avengers: PlayZodi

Beyond A Steel Sky: Denise Combs

We have emailed the winners, so please do reply to confirm your winning!

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