If you love psychological horror or time-bending thrillers, you should definitely keep your eye out for the upcoming Broken Pieces which looks to be an interesting mix of Alan Wake, Resident Evil and Groundhog daywhich already sounds fantastic!

The game is a single-player action-adventure game set in a small coastal village of France with unique horror-thriller elements that see the character repeating the same day over and over again, as they try and find out why they are stuck in a time-loop.

You might be wondering, why this is tagged as adventure when there is clearly some action in the trailer above. Well, the interesting thing about this game is that you can choose to turn off combat encounters, making it accessible to more people. So, you can play it like a modern adventure game.

According to the developers, the game has interesting features that fans of games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill may like, such as a fixed-angle camera system updated with modern affordances that not only make the game feel nostalgic, but also more comfortable to play with combat and other systems that are tailored to make the best of it.

What is really impressive here is that this game is being made by only two people,  talented French developers Mael Vignaux and Benoit Dereau. Dereau also has history with crafting environmental art and assets for Dishonored, which does show why the game’s environments look so good.

Puzzles were also highlighted, which are important to the overall storyline and its setting, making them more meaningful than just side distractions. 

Broken Pieces is planned to be released in an episodic format starting in 2021 for the PC via Steam. Be sure to check out their website for more information.

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