The Taiwanese horror game Devotion has not had a great time, after being infamously delisted from steam due to images found in-game seemingly mocking the Chinese President, Xi Jinping with a Winnie the Pooh meme.

Just earlier today, it was announced that Devotion would be making its return digitally, this time on GOG via a recent tweet by the developers. Understandably, a lot of fans were excited and it was generally counted as a win for the developers in this unfortunate situation. Sadly, this will not be the case anymore.

Whilst I can understand people wanting the game to be delisted for mocking a political figure, it makes no sense to do so again once any offending article has been removed. One has to question who these “gamers” really are, as a lot of people are pointing fingers towards Chinese Bots putting pressure on GOG.

Honestly, this is rather disappointing and not something GOG should have caved to, as not only the livelihood of the developers is on the line, but also the integrity of these storefronts. Unless it’s still got something offensive in it, I don’t see a reason why it shouldn’t be relisted. Here is hoping that GOG decides to go ahead with the listing.

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