It is easy to forget amidst the popularity of Minecraft, that just how much of a robust educational tool it is; in fact, it has its own educational version separate from the main game.

The educational version will now be getting Frozen Planet II content weekly. It is completely free for education users and comes with lesson plans for teachers to help educate and inspire students about the importance of our frozen worlds.

Frozen Planet II has recently begun airing on the BBC, so if you are in the UK, it is definitely worth watching it on the official website since it educates and reminds us of the beautiful wildlife found in the world’s coldest regions. To be fair, any excuse to hear more from Sir David Attenborough is a win, especially if it’s accompanied by an original score from the legendary Hans Zimmer.

There will be five worlds released for Minecraft Edu in total, each releasing a week after another, with the first pack available now. This does seem to coincide with the current airing of Frozen Planets 2 which so far only has the first episode aired and the rest following weekly.

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