Like Pokemon, but thought it would be better as a Roguelike-Metroidvania? Well then, is there an extremely specific game for you, Patch Quest which lets you mount and ride every monster in the game, each with its own gameplay quirks.

Patch Quest was created by one person, Liam on a journey to produce a one-of-a-kind Roguelike, Metroidvania, monster-riding bullet-hell game. The title supports 2 player local co-op and has been in Early Access for several years. 

Key Features:

  • Patchlantis is full of dangers that can be transformed into your strength. 
  • Lasso monsters and turn foes into allies 
  • Gather fruits and blend them into ammo smoothies  
  • Collect over 200 unique plants and minerals 
  • Earn new exploration gadgets 
  • Make use of everything you find to survive 

Patch Quest is currently 30% off in Early Access on Steam, with a full launch planned in October this year with console release to follow next year.

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