Conan Exiles 3.0 update has finally been detailed, and it will not only be bringing along sorcery, with skills and building revamp, but will also be introducing players to paid battle-passes.

The battle pass will work similarly to other games, where challenges will contribute to you unlocking not only cosmetics, but also building pieces. Certain armor and weapon pieces are also locked behind certain tiers.

This is the first in the line of many updates, one that the developers intend to call “Ages”, a new way for Conan Exiles to expand its world. Starting with the age of sorcery, each following age will have its own theme, gameplay updates and battle passes.

In Age of Sorcery, players will choose whether to grasp the virulent powers of sorcery, sacrificing a portion of their life force to cast deadly spells and summon unholy creatures. Additionally, thanks to an improved attributes and perks system that gives players choices between perks at certain milestones, character progression and combat is deepened.

Creative mode has also been introduced, which will let players fly through the air to build without restrictions, using the game’s overhauled building system. It will also come with additional improvements, such as tweaks to followers, crafting materials related to sorcery and rituals, in order to make the world more alive and dangerous!

The planned release date for Age of Sorcery is Q3 of this year, with more information to be revealed leading to the release date.

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