Here is interesting for those interested in game development, or just curious enough to peek behind the curtains. Coffee Stain Studios has shared information on the tools used across different departments, from Game Design to Production.

It is definitely worth a watch as it sheds some light on tools that developers use. A lot will most likely be obvious, but some might not be expected, such as heavy usage of Excel by designers (yes we use that A LOT).

Community manager Jace also talks briefly about the responsibilities that different roles have, making it overall very informative for non-devs.

What’s interesting is that they mainly use Blender for modelling inorganic objects, showing just how powerful and versatile this free tool has become. Of course, one of the key highlights is Unreal, as that’s what the game is built on.

This really shows that there isn’t a cost barrier to start making games, and if you are interested, you should definitely start with Unreal and Blender, both of which are free and powerful tools. Even though the animators use Maya in Coffee Stain, Blender can do that and a lot more as well, even UV painting and sculpting with some great free plugins.

All in all, it’s an interesting video to watch, for both fans of the game, and curious developers. Satisfactory is currently available only on PC.

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