Killing Floor 2‘s halloween event for this year pits cowboys against zombies with new additions such as the Netherhold map, weekly game modes Wild West London and Abandon All Hope, weapons, cosmetics, and the return Halloween-themed Zed variants!

Killing Floor 2: Day of the Zed Update Highlights:

  • New Featured Community Map: Netherhold
    • This dark and gloomy Killing Floor 2 custom map drips sinister atmosphere and style that’s perfect for the spooky season, while featuring many hidden areas and secret rooms. In addition, players can unlock a Unique Seasonal Reward for completing the five new Netherhold objectives.
    • Supported Modes: Survival, Weekly, and Endless
  • New Weekly Game Modes
    • Wild West London: This rootin’ tootin’ mode is for Gunslingers only with cowboy hats for EVERYONE. Weapons are limited to revolvers and lever actions and everything will look properly old-timey with a special sepia filter designed for this new mode.
    • Abandon All Hope: Take on the ultimate Killing Floor 2 challenge with Maximum Difficulty Mode, which is even more difficult than “Hell on Earth.” To make things more interesting, Spawn Rate has been pushed to Max, Spawn Pools of Heavies are increased substantially, and Health and Damage output of enemies pushed beyond “Hell on Earth” levels. Players tough enough to complete Abandon All Hope will be rewarded with a special Kriss Elite Skin.
  • New Weapons
    • Piranha Pistol(s) for Gunslinger / Berserker classes
    • Corrupter Carbine for Field Medic / Sharpshooter classes
    • HRG Disrupter for Gunslinger class
    • HRG Tommy Boom for Demolitionist class

The free update will be available for everyone today on PC, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. To celebrate the update, the developers are also putting the game on sale.

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