Lost at Sea is a beautiful looking game that deals with themes of loss, love and acceptance. It features a striking artstyle that paints a bittersweet and lush world that players explore through Anna, the game’s protagonist.

Anna goes on a reflective journey as she comes to terms with the life she’s lived and the cherished people she has lost. She does so by creating a fantastical island seeping with colorful memories of her late husband and son.


  • A personal story: Experience moments from someone’s life first-hand and help the main character relive and re-assess them to move on
  • Island of the mind: Explore the different phases of life, each of them with their own beautiful biome on the island
  • Beautiful memories: Gorgeous illustrations capture the essence of the most important moments in Anna’s life, while elaborate sound design brings her deepest fears to life
  • Face your fears: Did I make the right choices? Did I fail my loved ones? As Anna, face all fears head-on, or walk away from them until you’re ready
  • Game to remember: Unlock memories with specifically designed minigames and puzzles that capture these memories in unique gameplay

Lost At Sea is now available on the PC, Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X|S

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