Highrisers is a survival-crafting RPG that takes place in an apocalyptic city filled with swarms of “dreamers”, humans afflicted with a mysterious disease, caging them in an eternal dream.

Players take on the role of survivors who live on the top floors of the highrise buildings, defending it from hordes of the dreamers, but are forced to take regular trips to the dangerous bottom floors in order to hunt for supplies.

Key Features of Highrisers Include: 

  • Research, Scavenge, Craft: Gain the knowledge needed to craft the right supplies, and head down into the darkness below to get them. From clubs to crossbows and tools to medicine, everything you need to survive the night is just a few floors away — just watch out for the locals, they’re not super friendly.
  • This Building Was Different Last Time: Procedurally generated skyscrapers ensure a fresh experience each trip, but also forces your survivors to stay on their toes as they hunt for supplies in an ever-changing and always dangerous environment
  • Build Your Skills, Not Your Resume: Each character features a deep and robust skill tree that unlocks new recipes, perks, and abilities
  • We Are Like the Dreamer who Dreams: The savage somnambulators that wander the lower floors are not to be trifled with; you’ll need all your wits and tools to lure them, fight them, immobilize them, hide from them, deter them and stall them until the survivors get those precious spare parts to fix the helicopter and live to see another day!

Highrisers is now available on Steam for £10.99 / €13.99. A special “Save the World” Edition is also available for £20.99 / €23.99, with 10% of the proceeds for every copy sold donated to the International Rescue Committee (IRC) for humanitarian aid in Yemen. 

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