Whilst it had me at “Inspired by The Thing”, Hidden Deep is an interesting looking game that features themes of exploration of the unknown and isolation in remote, and hazardous territory.

Inspired by classic horror movies such as Alien, The Thing, and even Half-Life itself, Hidden Deep puts you in charge of a team of four researchists. You are tasked with investigating a mysterious facility below the ocean floor, in order to find out what has happened to the crew members that were originally stationed there.

The game features dangerous traps and hostile aliens that you must survive using a variety of gadgets and weapons that you can you use to shoot, blast or sneak your way through. However, it is inspired by The Thing after all, so keep an extra close eye on your team members.

Those interested in the game, will be happy to hear that a demo will be made available as part of Steam’s Gaming Festival from the 3rd of February to the 9th. The game itself will be available on Steam for PC, later this year.

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