Publisher Raw Fury has really embraced the season of giving as it has released priceless information that has the potential to help out a lot of indie developers, giving them insight into not only how the publishing world works, but also what they should keep in mind when pitching their games.

Everything from agreement samples to pitch decks have been made available for anyone to see. By doing so, the publisher hopes to bring transparency to developers, giving them a good idea of what a publishing journey is like.

Honestly, this is such a brilliant thing to do by such an amazing publisher, and it will undoubtedly benefit a lot of developers and students, giving them a peek behind the curtains, and getting them ready to pitch their own games. We really hope this sets a precendent, and more publishers follow suit.

Recently, they have published the excellent Call of The Sea, which is available for purchase on Steam, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. Gamepass members can download the game at no extra cost on both consoles and PC.

How To Pitch to Raw Fury

Raw Fury Developer Resources

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