I still think that John Woo should think about making another video-game, especially as games like Control show just how many particle effects and debris you can play with on modern hardware. At least in the mean time, Hong Kong Massacre seems to be filling that itch with its high-octane action-packed gameplay, which is now coming to Nintendo Switch.

Originally released on the Playstation 4 and PC, Nintendo Switch players will finally be able to take on the gritty world of crime in this action-shooter inspired by classic Hong Kong action films.

Hong Kong Massacre is a symphony of bullets and blood, as you vault over obstacles, smash through windows and activate bullet-time to create pockets of intense action choreography.

Best of all, Untold Tales and Professor Kliq have teamed up to give the official game soundtrack away as a free download. Just sign up to the Untold Tales newsletter and you’ll get a direct download link!

Hong Kong Massacre will be available for the Nintendo Switch on Boxing day, 26th of December this year. Those who pre-order can net themselves a nifty 20% off the game’s $20 RRP.

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