A Wake Inn is a unique VR horror game that features an interesting traversal system that binds you to a virtual wheelchair that you must move by rolling your digital wheels. This gives the developers a unique format to tell their story.

Playing as a wheelchair-bound mannequin, you have to navigate a hotel filled with an army of sinister dolls that have come to life. Players will have to ultimately solve the mystery of who they are and what’s guiding them.

The unique traversal mechanic will allow characters to move in various directions as they solve escape-room style puzzles and avoid the supernatural enemy, either by hiding or facing them head on with combat.

The game’s length is expected to be around 5-6 hours and will be available for a variety of devices including Valve Index, HTC Vive, Cosmos, Oculus Rift (Quest 2 with Link), and Windows Mixed Reality, sometimes in 2021.

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