Whilst I don’t drink myself, and don’t know much about beer, I can relate with the fact that sometimes it’s hard to find something you once had a taste for. Especially, if that something now has so many variants.

That is sort of the journey our protagonist goes on in the point and click adventure, Dude, Where is My Beer? In a world full of alien craft beer, and snobbish hipster brews, one man takes it on himself to find the perfect Pilsner.

The game features an eye-catching artstyle, reminiscent of certain comic books, with a generally desaturated tone highlighting certain colours. This combines with a classic point and click experience full of puzzles, inventories and different interactions to deliver an overall interesting experience.

It is developed by the duo Arik Zurabian and Edo Brenes who are from Norway, and Costa Rica respectively. It will also feature an original soundtrack by David Børke. The game is currently listed on Steam, where you can put it on your wishlist if it interests you. They plan to release it on the 5th of November, for US $15.

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