Developer Forestlight Games has just confirmed the release date for their upcoming adventure title Dorian Morris Adventure.

The developers announced this through a steam post for the game. In it they confirmed that the game will be coming to Steam very soon, finally putting an end to months of waiting.

The game follows the titular protagonist Dorian as he follows a mysterious path left by his late grandfather, promising to unveil some dark and important secrets. Players will have to solve interesting puzzles in order to get to the truth, all wrapped within an isometric world presentation.

However, it is vital not to mistaken it for your typical point and click adventure, as the puzzles and challenges are logically designed to train your brain. The game will also give you an analysis at the end, that showcases what sort of aptitude you orient towards.

If it sounds interesing, then luckily there is a demo availble on the store page for anyone to try out, and get a taste of what the game will be. It will be available through Steam on the 16th of November.

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