Detroit: Become Human must be doing really well on the PC, as Quantic Dream has just revelaed the collector’s edition for the game, 11 months after its intial release.

The collector’s edition is rather pricey at $349.99 and is limited to a stock of 2,500 units. It comes with a Kara statue inspired by the short teaser responsible for sparking the idea for the game, as well as Pins and more.

  • An exclusive collector pin set of 3 iconic symbols from the game, only available in this Collector Edition.
  • A mighty 27 cm (10.62-inch) tall figure of “Kara” with rotating machine arms and a glowing LED halo light in the base. Made from durable PVC and polymer.
  • A triangular display box measuring 420 x 365 x 375 mm
  • An exclusive holographic Cyberlife card featuring a game code redeemable online on Steam for the full PC version of the game

It is now available for purchase from the official Quantic Dream shop. Detroit: Become Human

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