Silent Hill: Shattered Memories was a unique entry in the Silent Hill franchise, giving us a twist filled remake of the original game, once again putting us in the shoes of Harry Mason.

A lot of fans including me have been hoping that one day we would get a followup to that game, perhaps a remake of the second one in that vein. One of the biggest changes it had was the omission of combat, which ultimately made the game more focused on delivering a pscyhological horror experience.

Looks like there is a chance that we might get a follow up to Shattered Memories, as its creator Sam Barlow has tweeted that he is currently trying to pitch the idea. Sam Barlow has recently seen a lot of success with both Her Story, and Telling Lies, so it would be great to see another Silent Hill from him.

Konami, if you are in any chance reading this, please consider giving Barlow another entry! We really need Silent Hill back!

One thought

  1. No, thank you, Sam. We need an actual oldschool Silent Hill game, not your and Tomm’s fanfiction, please. Good thing KONAMI will never let you anyway.


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