Ever wanted to be a doctor, but couldn’t really get your head around medical school, or maybe lost it after you got caught fixing up mobsters on the side? Well, no need to fret, as now you can try the next best thing, and make potions to cure a town’s ailments in Potion Permit.

Potion Permit sees the players arrive in a town that is held back by its traditional healing beliefs, only really accepting help once the mayor’s own daughter falls ill. Now, it falls to the players to keep the town healthy and find a cure for all ailments through herb gathering … and monster hunting?

After receiving a request, players have to diagnose patients with medical examination minigames in order to identify the illness. After this, the players have to forage for a cure from the surrounding forests, but sometimes these ingredients will come from monsters that the players have to defeat. These ingredients then have to be mixed in a cauldron to synthesise a cure!

The game will feature elements of management and relationships, as players will have various romance options, and because the town might as well tell you to do everything, you can upgrade the town as well.Honestly, the game sounds and looks really interesting, and seems to me as if Stardew Valley made friends with The Witcher

Potion Permit will be available for PC, Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch next year. Those interested can add it to their wishlist on Steam! It is being developed by Indonesian developers MassHive Media, and published by PQube.

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