Whilst Forspoken might not have arrived to rave reviews, with clips of its dialogue scenes going around the internet, it is still nice to see that Square Enix has released a demo for the PC version of the game, something that is quite often an afterthought on this platform.

PC platforms especially need demos in our opinion, as unlike consoles, you never know how a game will perform on your PC until you try it out. Not to mention with questionable requirements released for Forspoken, it felt like it might be lacking in optimisation which does seem to be the case when looking at Steam reviews.

The game currently has mixed reviews on PC and whilst most of them do mention the game itself not being up to mark, they also talk about bad optimization and underwhelming graphics.

Hopefully, it’s something that can be improved upon, but we shall see. The game is now available on the Playstation 5 and PC, and those interested can try out the demo on Steam.

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