A Brand new expansion has been announced for Far Cry 6, one that will be throwing the players into an otherworldly gauntlet full of new enemies and challenges, set in the fractured version of Yara.

In the mode, players will be tasked with repairing a spacecraft by collecting five lost shards, which are obtained through 15 challenging and intense trials called Rifts, featuring Shardfaces, humanoid and animal crystalline enemies.

With multiple branching paths, platforming exploration, and intense moment-to-moment action, players will have a unique experience with each run as they master this twisted world.

Also announced was the NG+ update, as well as a free trial for those wanting to try it before purchase. Lost Between Worlds, will be coming to Far Cry 6 on the 6th of December for £17.99, or as part of the Upgrade Pass, on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, as well as PC.

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