The Callisto Protocol is easily one of the most anticipated games this year, however, for some fans, this excitement will have to wait. The official Japanese Twitter account posted a message to fans in Japanese, confirming that the game did not pass CERO ratings.

CERO is Japan’s rating board, much like PEGI or ESRB. The decision most likely has to do with the game’s detailed description of violence, which is still frowned upon in Japan. The following tweet was posted:

The above basically translates to:

We have decided to cancel the Japanese version of "The Callisto Protocol". At present, we cannot pass the CERO rating, and if we change the content, we will not be able to provide the experience that players expect. Your understanding would be appreciated. Refunds will be issued to those who have pre-ordered

The news will most likely disappoint fans, especially as Karen Fukuhara herself is cast in the game. It doesn’t look like any changes are planned, and fans will most likely have to import a copy or circumvent their region, in order to play.

The Callisto Protocol will be released on the PC, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Playstation 5 and Playstation 4 on the 2nd of December this year.

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