Hubris is a visually stunning VR game, that drops players on a remote planet, where they must shoot, swim and climb their way through a harsh, alien environment. The brand new trailer just released confirms exactly when players will get to do so.

Hubris features:

  • Enjoy a full VR experience in which you are able to move, climb, swim and jump freely.
  • Become part of the unique and intriguing Sci-Fi world of Hubris, the start of a new full-blown space saga.
  • Savour some of the best and most immersive graphics in VR available.
  • Fight alongside epic and colourful characters against a mix of alien wildlife, humanoids and mechanised enemies, each of them requiring unique tactics to defeat.
  • Gather and salvage resources, craft weapons and tools, control vehicles and mechanical devices.
  • Unravel the OOO’s long-forgotten secrets.
  • Earn your place as an agent of the Order of Objectivity.

Hubris will launch on Desktop VR platforms via Steam on Wednesday 7th December 2022 for €39.99/£39.99/$39.99. Meta Quest 2, PlayStation®VR2, and some other unannounced platforms will be available in 2023.

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