A lot of fans have been yearning for a brand new Onimusha game, but it looks like they might have to settle for an animated series in the meantime. Hopefully, this might mean that Capcom is actively looking at reviving the franchise.

It was announced by the Netflix Anime page, alongside a few images showcasing what the show will look like. It is being done by Sublimation, who had also done the Dragon’s Dogma series.

Onimusha was believe it or not, basically a historical Japanese title heavily inspired by Resident Evil. Where most hack and slash games were a lot more action-oriented (Devil May Cry for example), Onimusha stood out as being more of a fixed camera survival game.

If you are a fan of both DMC and Resident Evil, I would advise you to check out the series. In fact, Onimusha 3 is famous for having the talented Jean Reno as one of the leads.

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