We were extremely impressed when we first saw Terra Invicta in action, which was filled with various mechanics and features that will keep players on their toes as they plan to stop or influence an alien invasion.

When an extra-terrestrial threat begins its invasion of the Solar System, powerful interests arise to control what happens next. Will you fight back against the alien invaders? Serve them? Run away to Alpha Centauri and make it someone else’s problem? The choice is yours, and there are seven different factions you can choose from.

You’ll need to compete for influence and control over the world’s nations and resources, and guide humanity out into the stars by accelerating humanity’s expansion into space – from moon bases and asteroid mining to orbital habitats and battle fleets.

Hooded Horse released a brand new trailer, announcing the release date of Terra Invicta via Steam’s Early Access program on the 26th of September. Strategy fans will be interested to know that the game is from the creators of the popular Long War mods from XCOM 1 and XCOM 2.

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