Ubisoft showed off Assassin’s Creed: Mirage with a CGI debut trailer, giving us a look into the setting and characters of the upcoming Assassin’s Creed game which takes place in the ninth-century Baghdad.

It is a shame that we didn’t get gameplay from it, but the information shared by the developers sounds really promising. On top of this, Gamespot has a very good writeup based on an interview which revealed interesting info. Here is what excites us about it the most:

  • Stealth is once again a big focus for this game
  • It is not an action-rpg so you can’t take on tough enemies head on and have to strategically plan around them
  • Parkour is back
  • The legendary Shoreh Aghdashloo (of The Expanse and Grimm fame) will be playing a major character
  • Black Box missions are back where you must find and kill a target with meticulous planning
  • Basim has a lethal ability that lets him assassinate multiple people in a cinematic fashion similar to what was seen with the fear takedown mechanic in Arkham Knight
  • Seriously, look at that absolutely breathtaking Arabic calligraphy in the main logo

Overall, we are optimistic about this game, especially since it will not be as bloated as the previous game, with developers estimating a 17-20 hours run. best of all, it will only cost $50, with a free upgrade for last gen owners.

A release date has not been set in stone yet, but it is expected to release sometimes next year. Most likely it will around the fall season if their previous releases are anything to go by.

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