Catch Me! is easily one of those games that fits squarely into the “how has this not been done before?” camp, featuring fast-paced side-scrolling action, where one player goes against three in an exciting game of Tag.

In Catch Me!, the runner has to evade the chasers in classic tag fashion and reach key points on the map in order to score enough points to get the win. If a chaser catches a runner they instantly switch roles, and the game of tag resumes until one player reaches enough points to win. Catch Me! is very much the definition of “easy to learn but hard to master” as the simple premise quickly makes way for high levels of tactical depth.

Key Features of Catch Me!:

  • Tag, You’re it! No, You’re it!: Tag is more fun with friends, and you can play together with up to four players online! Bots are also available for those looking to hone their skills solo.
  • Around The World (Around the World): With maps based on real-life cities in Germany, England, Greece and the USA, the world is your playground! Explore it the way it was meant to be explored: quickly and with lots of flips!
  • Cool Running: Diverse characters and lots of unique skins and animations ensure that you’ll be able to look cool while performing out of this world parkour moves.
  • Gotta Go Fast: The fast digital tag gameplay is inviting to new players while also providing a high skill ceiling for those willing to go the extra mile. Making split-second use of environmental hazards is key to finishing on top!

Catch Me! is currently available via Steam’s Early Access programme at a special 20% off. The Early Access version of Catch Me! includes four maps inspired by countries from around the world – with an additional map added every month. 

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