Here is a bit of bad news that most weren’t expecting, as Meta has now decided that it will be increasing the price for its Quest 2 standalone headsets by $100. This move will bring the 128GB headset up to $399.99 and the 256GB version to $499.99.

We are not fans of this move, as doing so locks VR out of reach for many potential consumers, especially when it needs a bigger audience to sustain its growth. Meta seems to be relying on making an upfront boost to its headset earnings rather than focusing more on killer content that will help bring the money back through software sales.

This is particularly disappointing and there currently isn’t a good alternative for Quest 2, which we found to be perhaps the best headset available on the market regarding affordance and adaptability. Not only does it have great games to play standalone, but plugging it into a PC makes the headset their flagship PCVR device, really opening it to a huge library of unforgettable VR experiences.

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