We have always been a huge Tycoon Games fan, with one of the noteworthy titles being The Movies that was helmed by Peter Molyneux himself. Moviehouse aims to bring back that magic, and once again put you in charge of a rising movie studio.

Key Features of Moviehouse

  • That’s Showbiz, Baby!: Compete in the glamorous Industry Awards showcase, vying for multiple titles, including best feature film, and set your sights on winning the coveted golden clapper
  • The Tides of Change: As the decades pass, both your team and your equipment will improve. Starting off with a small amateur cast and rudimentary equipment, the studio and all those a part of it will mature and hone their skills, while new updates in technology and filming techniques grant the ability for better filmmaking!
  • Assemble the Dream Team: Hire directors and writers and build up their creative skills, nurturing their creative prowess. A good crew in itself can turn casual viewers into diehard fans!
  • Hit the Festival Circuit – Showcase your movie in film festivals to build buzz, gain accolades, and garner critical success
  • An Eye for Filmmaking – Make a spy flick, a romantic comedy, or a bloody slasher or something entirely different. You’ve got the film-making tools are your fingertips, so it’s all up to you!

Moviehouse will be available this fall on windows and Mac PCs. Those interested can download a free demo from its steam page and give it a try.

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