The Invincible got an impressive gameplay teaser this Summer Game Fest, showcasing the unique retro-futuristic setting of the game. What makes it really compelling is that it’s a very underutilized art style, which interests us even more.

The Invincible is a sci-fi first-person thriller that follows a scientist who finds herself alone on a distant planet, Regis III with her crew gone missing. Regis III, however, is anything but an exotic paradise, as dark and dangerous secrets lurk beneath its surface, throwing players into a hellish fight for survival, as they uncover the secrets of their expedition along the way.

The hostile setting has been heavily inspired by the critically acclaimed sci-fi writer, Stanisław Lem, whose imaginative work has been indispensable in inspiring the likes of Hideo Kojima, with both Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding sharing some essence of his work.

The game’s Steam page is already live, with plans to also release it on both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X family of consoles next year.

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