War Thunder is an expansive cross-platform MMO game that features armoured combat with a collection of iconic tanks, planes and naval craft. It is definitely one of the most popular games, and ironically people can’t stop leaking classified military intel on their forums.

This time, a Chinese tank crew member has seemingly leaked classified shell information relating to the DTC10 dart on the forums. This is at least the third or fourth time this has happened.

So far there has been a classified leak of the Challenger, the french Leclerc and apparently even the german Eurocopter. For those wondering why these leaks are even happening in the first place, the simple answer is that some players REALLY want the game to be more accurate.

Soldiers of 1 A Squadron, Queens Royal Lancers (QRL) patrolling outside Basra, Iraq onboard a Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank during Operation Telic 4.

These plans were shared mostly to help Gaijin (creators of Warthunder) create more realistic vehicles. Of course, Gaijin can’t entertain these requests, as this can put them and their audiences exposed to these leaks in hot legal water.

Not to mention, there are huge implications for the military, as once these specifications get leaked, competing powers can take the schematics to either improve on or build a specific counter for that armament.

We understand that people may want a competitive and authentic wargame experience, but maybe do it without getting into severe legal trouble.

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