Leave it to Activision to reveal their artwork in the most complicated way possible, spending more money than needed. However, this promo video for MWII with the voice-over does hint at some new and returning characters.

Whilst we were already aware of returning characters like Soap, Ghost and Price, we weren’t sure if Roach would be returning, one of the protagonists of the original Modern Warfare 2. The trailer seemingly confirms that he does indeed return.

One of the new characters teased is a Mexican Special Forces Colonel, Alejandro Vargas which gives credence to the rumour that this game takes place near or around Mexico, with the newly formed Task Force 141 waging a war against the cartel.

Finally, the release date was confirmed, and the game is scheduled for 28th of October, later this year. It is likely that we will see the game again either in the Xbox or Summer Game Fest showcase.

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