It’s really unimaginable what people have to live through in war-ravaged countries, from Palestine to Ukraine, it’s the innocents who just want to live their lives affected the most. One such example is Frogwares, the iconic developer behind games like Sinking City and Sherlock Holmes.

They were hoping to work on another open-world game, but the war in Ukraine has caused them to shift their plans and create something more linear. For now, the game is titled Project Palianytsia and is a mix of eldritch horror coupled with Victorian-era mystery, aimed at fans of Frogwares’ The Sinking City and Sherlock Holmes series. 

A few concept pieces were shared, along with this message:

We are revealing the game now in this way to simply show people we are pushing on and also as a clear middle finger to those who thought they could just roll into our country hoping to disrupt and ruin our lives.”

“While still challenging, prior to this, everything we released during the war was existing projects that needed to be finalized. We are now making something almost entirely from scratch which is a lot harder under these circumstances so we needed to think smart about what is realistic for us. The idea was greenlit for this very reason as it is something our current team and setup can deliver compared to doing pre-production on another open-world title, which is what we were doing prior to the war.”

“The name Palianytsia is symbolic to Ukraine as it’s considered part of our national cuisine. But it’s also the equivalent of phonetical Dark Souls for russians who often can’t pronounce it correctly when trying to pass off as Ukrainian. And so now it’s often used in the field as a test to quickly identify possible affiliation of unknown individuals.”

– Sergey Oganesyan, Communications Manager, Frogwares

From As We Play, we wish them, and anyone else around the world facing any sort of apartheid or oppression the best, and condemn those who try to oppress or attack innocents. We cannot wait to hear more about their game.

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