Planet Zoo’s Wetlands Animal Pack is now available for purchase, bringing brand new animals, a timed scenario, and a free update that introduces a range of extras and enhancements.

Players can observe new animations as their Planet Zoo: Wetlands Animal Pack arrivals settle into their habitats. From the elegant deep-water hunting of the Asian Small Clawed Otter, to the relaxing bathing habits of the Capybara, these fascinating species have a unique relationship with their marshy surroundings.

The pack will also come with a new timed scenario set in the Brazilian Pantanal region, where players will be tasked with helping an animal sanctuary with their rescue efforts, adopting and caring for their new arrivals.

As mentioned, a free update is also available, which includes a range of extras and enhancements, including roaming educator talks, a new ‘Explore Cam’ feature which allows players to experience their zoos at guest height, and a colour and transparency editor for exhibit water, and more.

It is now available for £7.99 / $9.99 / €9.99 on Steam for PC. It requires the base game in order to be used.

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