The parkour action game Stride is now available on Playstation VR, bringing one of the most exciting parkour action games to the platform.

Content-wise, STRIDE on PS VR is the same game as on the other platforms and for the moment it features 3 main game modes: 

  • Endless Mode was the first arcade mode for the game. In Endless, infinite level generation provides unlimited challenging terrain.
  • Arena Mode. A spacious varied-terrain area of the city rooftops with waves of enemies. Perfect for practising stunts and refining your shooting skills.
  • Time Run Mode. Test your parkour-at-speed skills in a race against the clock on pre-made locations.

In our review, we called Stride an “essential experience that should be in everyone’s library of VR games.” So, definitely do check it out if you are a PSVR user and enjoy fast-paced action games.

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