There are many things in life that are certain, Death and Call Of Duty releasing every year, a practice dating back to 2003 (Death was invented before 2003 though sadly, and will still be a thing, sorry), with Activision churning out a new blockbuster experience annually by attaching every damn developer they could to it.

However, as most might know, this wasn’t always a hit with fans, and not all entries have had the same level of quality (cough cough looking at you ghosts). In fact, Vanguard seems to have fallen shy of Activision’s expectations, making them think that it might finally be time to give it some breathing room.

The report was published by Bloomberg, stating that next year’s Call of Duty will be delayed for a year, a notion that excites the developers working on the game. There were rumours of it happening after Microsoft’s acquisition anyways, but it looks like plans were in motion even before that.

Let’s hope this not only increases the quality of the games, but gives more studios under the Activision umbrella to try things other than COD, I will gladly take another Prototype! This year, Activision plans to release a sequel to 2019’s Modern Warfare.

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