No Man’s Sky, which is now easily one of the best spacefaring games available, is going to get even better with the addition of the brand new Sentinel expansion, that brings much-needed improvements to the game’s combat

The VFX for the blasters have gotten an overhaul, and enemy mechs have been introduced. The cool thing is that players will now be able to mod their minotaurs with an AI technology (purchasable at the exocraft upgrade desk in Space Anomaly) allowing it to follow you around, assisting in combat when necessary.

These new additions are sure to come in handy against brand new enemy types and activities. For a full list of changes and improvements available via Sentinel, be sure to check out the official website that shares everything in detail. Oh, and did we mention camouflage and mechs WITH jetpacks?

No Man’s Sky is currently available on Playstation consoles as well as Xbox and PC, with a release on Nintendo Switch coming later this year. The Sentinel update is live on all available platforms.

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